• Custom software development, optimization, consulting
    Innovative technology
    high-level business solutions

    Dopti Ltd.

    Solution for optimization and data mining problems
    from design to implementation
  • Custom software development, optimization, consulting
    Efficient and problem-solving solutions
    for complex tasks that seem almost
    impossible to solve
    Logistics optimization, transportation, loading, placement

    Forecasting, procurement optimization, optimization of energy

    Investment planning, optimization based on individual needs

    Support for business intelligence and leadership decisions

    Custom software development

Artificial intelligencie - based forecast. optimization. solutions.

Dopti Ltd. helps you solve problems that arise in your company through research, consulting and custom software development. The task of the company is to propose solutions to the problems encountered by the customer, to make the software unique, and then to help to use propose solution and also provide long-term maintenance.


Dopti Ltd. has several national references in the field of logistics optimization (route, delivery and loading),
investment optimization, stock market forecasting, business visualization and local government asset management tasks.
The successful completion of them has led to considerable labor and cost saving for the customers.

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